1. Laughing Wound 07:50
2. Lurid Hand 05:29
3. Path of Unbeing 05:55
4. Membrane 07:18
5. Sacrum (Feral Devotion) 07:49    
6. Born of the Wrong Blood 06:41
"Compared to Predatory Light’s already worthy catalogue, the album is marked by an increased level of maturity and confidence. The production is spacious and open, allowing the individual instruments to be distinctly audible in all of their warped and maniacal glory.  The vocals are also another notable point of evolution for the band.   Stripped of the shelter of excessive studio effects and performed with a previously unheard level of humanity and power, the result is decidedly less modern and effectively captures an aura of ancient evil only sought after on earlier releases.  Additionally, the release sees the rhythm section taking on a more significant role than on previous output, with the drums and bass providing a more muscular and imaginative skeleton for the melodic flesh of the songs to hang on.
With cover art that is suitably haunting and cryptic for the music contained therein, the entire release exhibits the utmost care and attention to complimentary detail.  These details, coupled with assured and focused songwriting, powerful performances, and a genuinely palpable and unyielding atmosphere serve to make Predatory Light’s debut not only a landmark in the band’s own development, but an instantly memorable and welcome outlier in the global landscape of contemporary black metal."