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by Ludwig Klages

Theion Publishing, 2019. Limited to 745 Copies. A FINE CLOTH VOLUME, Cosmic-blue, in dust jacket with special custom end papers and printed on a custom sheet. Front panel and spine embossed in silver. Illustrated. This work is a milestone in the revival of a global pagan Gnosis, and has deeply influenced thinkers such as Walter Benjamin and Hermann Hesse who said that “in the pages of this book, "On the Cosmogonic Eros", the nearly unspeakable has been forged into words’. This first English edition will also feature a substantial contextualized introduction by Professor Paul Bishop of the University of Glasgow and the first-ever English translation of parts of Alfred Schuler’s esoteric talks on the nature and essence of the spiritual light directly relevant to this volume. Alfred Schuler, who formed the core of the Kosmiker-Kreis with Klages, was a magician and mystagogue whose oracular language, and visions provided much of the esoteric symbolism of Klages’ work. 240+ pages. Royal octavo.