NYOGTHAEBLISZ - Abrahamic Godhead Besieged ... LP

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by Adversarial Usurpation LP

Comes in a gatefold cover with outer slipcase.

Abrahamic Godhead Manifested By Adversarial Usurpation
Sinistral Qlipho[tech] Mechanolatry / Exterminate The Tetragrammaton
Ordnance For Adamic Holocaust And Cosmocidal Entropy
Diabological Mutagenesis Eradicating The Magian Bloodlines
Qabalistic Matrix Parasitism By Extra[daemon]sional Omnimalevolence
Nihiliferian Theophagism / Dysefirotic Atrocities Cull The Demiurge's Progeny
Cryptomagickal Esoterrorism Targeting All Archontic Deifications
Khao-Psionic Merkabah Fragmentation And Godhead Simulation Decay / Revelation Of The Pandaemonic Godhead