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Pro-tape edition of this cult sampler.
Limited to 500 hannumbered copies.
Includes extra booklet + patch.

Finally, for the first time on limited pro-tape: The ultimate tribute to the norwegian prince of darkness.

As one of the best compilations of all time in metal-history, Nordic Metal features 74 minutes of true Scandinavian Black Metal and rare, unreleased tracks from bands like Abruptum, Mayhem, Thorns, Emperor, Mysticum, Mortiis, Enslaved, Ophthalamia, Arcturus, Marduk and Dissection! This tape is limited to 500 handnumbered copies and contains an exclusive patch and a seperate booklet with words and quotes from Euronymous, Dead, Faust, Jon Nödtveidt and more…

A1 –Abruptum De Profundis Mors Vas Consumet
A2 –Mayhem The Freezing Moon
A3 –Dissection Where Dead Angels Lie
A4 –Emperor Moon Over Kara-Shehr
A5 –Mysticum Kingdom Comes
A6 –Marduk Untrodden Paths (Wolves Pt. II)
A7 –Thorns Ærie Descent
B1 –Mayhem Pagan Fears
B2 –Dissection Elizabeth Bathori
B3 –Ophthalamia Deathcrush
B4 –Enslaved Loke
B5 –Arcturus Rodt Og Svart
B6 –Mysticum In Your Grave
B7 –Emperor The Ancient Queen
B8 –Mortiis Unreleased Outro