NIDEN DIV. 187 - Impergium/Towards Judgement 2CD

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2CD Boxed Set with Poster

1.1 Impergium 02:01
1.2 Genocide 03:14
1.3 Judgement Dawns 01:33
1.4 In the Twilight of War 03:39
1.5 A View in the Mirror Black 03:41
1.6 The Execution 01:17
1.7 Funeral Pyres 02:49
1.8 Hate 02:24
1.9 Mass Burial Disorder 02:52
1.10 The End 02:24
2.01 Black Water (Original Demo Mix) 04:20
2.02 Retinence (Original Demo Mix) 03:19
2.03 A View in the Mirror Black (Original Demo Mix) 03:47
2.04 Towards Judgement (Original Demo Mix) 04:16
2.05 Black Water (Necropolis MCD Mix) 04:18
2.06 Retinence (Necropolis MCD Mix) 03:16
2.07 A View in the Mirror Black (Necropolis MCD Mix) 03:43
2.08 Towards Judgement (Necropolis MCD Mix) 04:00

This ultimate reissue is a limited edition of 500 hand- numbered copies housed in a deluxe clam shell box that contains the complete horror of times past including the “Impergium” album on CD1 and two different versions of “Towards Judgement”: the original demo mix and the mcd remix put together for the first time ever on CD2.
The package features all the original atrocities enhanced with unreleased pictures, expanded imagery, liner notes and a poster, all carefully designed and revamped by Heresie Graphics.