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'Domedon Doxomedon' 3xCD-Box
The time has come and therefore has the end to be.
The final NECROS CHRISTOS album entitled -Domedon Doxomedon- will surely cut a swath of destruction
through the world of today`s Heavy Metal scene.
Operating totally against the modern zeitgeist of music with all its easy listening and fake productions,
this record will become a fist in the face for those searching for light entertainment.
Being a triple CD and LP album with an overall playing time of 113 minutes, the record builds a monumental cathedral in its own.
While the groups` second and monolithic output -Doom of the Occult- appeared like a classical oratorio with its lengthy proportions,
this magnum opus will be of biblical dimensions, a funeral mass of unseen yet unheard reverberations.
Alongside the numerous musical interludes named temples and gates, for which the band is known for,
the actual nine Metal songs defy any exegesis.
Epic yet utmost angry, brutal yet extravagantly dark, if your soul survives a complete listening of mind – blowing tracks
such as ´Seven Altars Burn in Sin´ or ´The Heart of King Solomon in Sorcery´ without being dragged into the abysmal regions of hell,
your senses will be left in disbelief.
From the unusual, mind – demanding opener ´I Am Christ´ until the final, musical ennead called ´In Meditation on the Death of Christ´,
the album functions as a gateway to truly divine spheres.
Gaining inspirations from such untouchable sources as MORBID ANGEL, CANDLEMASS
or even METALLICA (just hence the wonderful middle part of ´Seven Altars Burn in Sin´ with its incredible harmonics)
intertwined with NECROS CHRISTOS` very own kind of atmosphere and brand of composing songs,
-Domedon Doxomedon- shall be their grandiose testament.
The legacy of a band, which never bowed before any trends, never compromised in their music nor did they ever walk the easy way.
Dom. Doxom. has to be heard to be believed and the earth will tremble.
Endtyme Death Metal shall unfold.
A1 Temple I: The Enlightened Will Shine Like The Zohar Of The Sky [Daniel 12:3]
A2 I Am Christ
A3 [And They Call This] Gate: Gate Of Sooun
A4 Temple II: Who Will Get Me A Drink Of Water From The Cistern Of Bethlehem? [2 Samuel 23:15]
B5 Tombstone Chapel
B6 [And They Call This] Gate: Gate Of Damihyron
B7 Temple III: Unless YHVH Had Been My Help, My Soul Would Soon Have Dwelt With Dumah [Psalms 94:17]
B8 He Doth Mourn In Hell
B9 [And They Call This] Gate: Gate Of Aion Tsevaoth
C1 Temple IV: Oracle Of The Man Whose Eye Is Open [Humbers 24:3]
C2 Seven Altars Burn In Sin
C3 [And They Call This] Gate: Gate Of Arba-Hemon
C4 Temple V: בראשית [Genesis 1:1]
D5 Exiled In Transformation
D6 [And They Call This] Gate: Gate Of Behet-Myron
D7 Temple VI: The Weight Of Gold That came To Solomon In One Year Was 666 Talents Of Gold [1 Kings 10:14]
D8 The Heart Of King Solomon In Sorcery
D9 [And They Call This] Gate: Gate Of Sulam
TEI טטט
E1 Temple VII: The And All That Belonged To Them Went Down Alive Into Sheol [Humbers 16:33]
E2 The Guilt They Bore
E3 [And They Call This] Gate: Gate Of Jehudmijron
E4 Temple VIII: Mount Sinai Was All In Smoke In, For YHVH Had Descended Upon It In Fire [Exodus 19:18]
E5 Exodos
F6 [And They Call This] Gate: Gate Of Dimitrijon
F7 Temple IX: A Redeemer Will Come To Zion [Isaiah 59:20]
F8 In Meditation On The Death Of Christ
F9 [And They Call This] Gate: Gate Of Ea-Ōn