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'Satanic Blasphemies' LP

Satanic Side
A1 Slow Asphyxiation
A2 Realm Of Terror
A3 Retaliation
A4 Sacrificial Rites
A5 Unholy Prophecies

Blasphemies Side
B1 Inborn Evil
B2 Shadows Of The Moon
B3 The Ancients Gate
B4 Father Of Creation

A1 - A3 are from the "Slow Asphyxiation" Demo 1990, recorded at Studio Kuben, March 1990,
A4, A5, B1 are from the "Unholy Prophecies" Demo 1991, recorded at Sunlight Studio, April 1991,
B2 - B4 are from the "The Call" EP 1992, recorded at Sunlight Studio, January 1992.