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Necromantic Apotheosis By Shawn Frix PH.D

Hardback with silver corner ornaments, black silk ribbon and altar cloth. Limited to 55 copies.

Necromantic Apotheosis was designed to elevate this practice to a higher level. In the context, I am using this not to raise it to exact godhood but to add a new depth to this subject. I hear people use it in different contexts but in the Necromantic sense, we are mastering the art of communicating and working with the spirits of the dead. The group moire explore the diverse paths of Necromancy from an academic and well structured study. There are many different aspects to mastering this art. Just like studying any form of discipline, it requires hours and years of study to truly understand the goals and effort you have to put forth to really achieve any success in this practice. You are not likely to just pick up a book on spirit communication and suddenly you are all-knowing and have mastery of calling a shade or spirit. Like I have said in other books it is going to require hours and years of study along with practice then you could be making headway on this path. This is a basic guide to help you achieve success or at least give you some ideas to include in your practice. If you have a teacher consult them before using anything from this book as it may not fit into what they are teaching in relation to spirits.


The Restless Dead and the Necromancer
The Dark Path
Ghost Hunters vs Necromancy
Necromancy and How It Works
Bringing Home, the Dead.
Odin the Great Necromancer
Ancient Mesopotamia Necromancy
The Arte of the Sheol Aub
Greek and Roman Necromancy
Historic Methods of Marbhdhraiocht
Daoist Necromancy
Medieval Necromancy
Munich Manual of Demonic Magic
The Necromantic Goetia
Qlipothic Necromancy
Atlantean Cult of Death- Zombie