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1 Dilapidation Aggravation 3:49
2 Terminorgical Subjugation 3:15
3 Dichotomous Conflagration 4:07
4 Cauterize 4:40

Bled forth from the eternal conflagration of total world womb devastation, comes that scion of bullet black Indian war noise blasphemy—one that scorns all of those of mortal flesh perception and casts bodies into that infernal pit of dissonant domination. Known only as Naramedha, that being which only leaves agonoy of dilapidation in its wake, crushes spirit with mailed gauntlet of nuclear assault. No mercy or dreams of grandeur here, only the terminal subjugation by all those who seek salvation, as blade of pure noise pain penetrates weakness of orifice over and over, until grand release of violent incineration consumes all that it spills seed within. In war crime allegiance with the iron tyranny of GoatowaRex spiritual totalitarianism, this entity of sheer discordance now comes to those acolytes, by name of Cauterize, with a deathwish through medium of foulest tape cassette lobotomy. Of mindwar made holy in crusade of eternal rebirth and eternal revenge.

Naramedha is the dissolution of the soul. The final rape of a world made husk by parasites of empty flesh intent. A bombardment of punishing percussive waves laying to waste all those around it, guitars drawn into arch-cacophony of endless aggravation, guttural howls so deep and indechirable as to bleed the fluids from all those who experience it. All this wreathed in a combat fatigue of combat sacrifice brutality, one that commands an aura of merciless atmospherics, with Cauterize being the fulcrum for which those essences of immortals ascending into violent orgies of malcontent.