MORTUARY DRAPE - Spiritual Independence LP

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 MORTUARY DRAPE’s 2014 masterpiece is now available again.

This edition features the early CD artwork and is the result of new lacquering, cutting and printing: everything here has been made in Italy from start to finish. The album comes with insert and is available on black vinyl.

The Hiss 2:09
Lithany 5:20
Once I Read (Marble Tomb) 5:04
Natural Death (1930 - 2011) 6:21
Mortal Remains (Your Bones) 6:11
Immutable Witness 4:23
Black Candle 1:08
Ignis Fatuus (Deaf Space) 4:41
1600 Gnostic Year 4:46
Spiritual Independence (The Farewell) 6:16