MORTUARY DRAPE - Black Mirror LP (Grey vinyl)

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A.1. Restless Death [06:20]
A.2. The Secret Lost [03:35]
A.3. Ritual Unction [04:21]
A.4. Drowned in Silence [04:43]
A.5. Into the Oblivion [03:31]
B.1. Rattle Breath [04:31]
B.2. Nocturnal Coven [04:08]
B.3. Mistress of Sorcerer [05:13]
B.4. The Unburied [04:17]
B.5. Fading Flowers Spell [04:42]
B.6. Black Mirror [03:07]

‘Black Mirror’ is Mortuary Drape’s sixth full-length studio album, and presents a spellbinding, occult-draped journey featuring haunting passages and dark yet melodic vintage metal mastery, bringing to mind acts such as Mercyful Fate with their eerie, classic metal-rooted compositions and atmospherics, expertly crafted and delivered with the band’s own distinguishable injection of wicked intent.

The cover art for ‘Black Mirror’ appears courtesy of Misanthropic Art.