MORTUARY DRAPE - All The Witches Dance DLP

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Gategold sleeve with gold print.
8-page booklet with archive photos and liner notes.

My Soul
Astral Bewitchment
Funeral Chant
Tregenda (Dance In Shroud)
13th Way
Intro (Chain)
Medium Mortem
Occult Abyss

"My Soul" and "Primordial" were originally released as one track, in later reissues they were seperated.

Latin psalms, bell chimes, the sound of fire burning gives the impression of ritual.

The sleeve features a true photograph (taken by Panos Tzanetatos) without any kind of edit, giving whole new perception in artworks sleeves of the Black Metal genre. The sleeve shocked mare people than The Dawn Of The Black Hearts that was released the very next year.

Wildness Perversion said in an interview that Panos Tzanetatos took the photograph after the end of a necromancy ritual.