MEGIDDO - The Heretic/Hymns to the Apocalypse LP

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A new copy. This version from 2014 by Iron Pegasus.

Side Black
A1 The Final War
A2 Blackened
A3 Pentagram
A4 Across The Shores...
A5 Sacrifice (The Blood Rites)
A6 Burst Command Til War
Side Metal
B1 Demonomancy
B2 The Heretic
B3 A Hymn To The Apocalypse
B4 Sacrifice (The Blood Ritual)
B5 Earth's Last Picture
B6 Blackend (The Circle Complete)

Tracks A1 to A6 and B6 were originally released as the "Hymns to the Apocalypse" demo, 1998.
Tracks B1 to B5 were originally released as "The Heretic" demo, 1999.

"Blackend (The Circle Complete)" was moved to the end of side B due to the time constraints of the vinyl format.