'The Heretic / Hymns To The Apocalypse' LP

    Side Black
1     The Final War     
2     Blackened     
3     Pentagram     
4     Across The Shores...     
5     Sacrifice (The Blood Rites)     
6     Blackend (The Circle Complete)     
7     Burst Command Til War     
    Side Metal
1     Demonomancy     
2     The Heretic     
3     A Hymn To The Apocalypse     
4     Sacrifice (The Blood Ritual)     
5     Earth's Last Picture     

Side Black contains "Hymns to the Apocalypse" Demo 1998
All Songs by Megiddo except for "Burst Command Til War" by Sodom
Side Metal contains "The Heretic" Demo 1999
All Songs by Megiddo except for "Earth's Last Picture" by Darkthrone
Due to time constraints "Blackend (The Circle Complete)" has been moved to the end of side "The Heretic"