MASSACRAEMENT #1 with poster (Used)

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Part of a collection purchased from Europe. 

Of some very limited number with poster. Signed/stamped by Glomba

If the Davthvs spirit were to breathe again, this is where that breath would expand and contract. Dense, witty, bloody, ornate and littered with cut'n'paste and original artwork amongst interviews with 13th Moon, Adaestuo, Apokalyptic Raids, Black Death Cult, Black Spirit, Concrete Winds, Dan Vávra, Dhomth, Headless Dublicated Tapes, Inferno, Karmazid, Lvcifyre, Master’s Hammer, Metastazis, Mycelium, Nekromantheon, Nacht und Gnosis, Rowan E. Cassidy, Teitanblood, Terratur Possessions, Triangulum Ignis, Sarcator, Skuggeheim, Vampire, Wallachian Cobwebs and reviews, articles and "sacrificial limbs."

Approx 120 pages.