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'Nightwing' CD

CD-1 Preludium 2:09
CD-2 Bloodtide (XXX) 6:44
CD-3 Of Hells Fire 5:23
CD-4 Slay The Nazerine 3:49
CD-5 Nightwing 7:35
CD-6 Dreams Of Blood And Iron 6:20
CD-7 Dracole Wayda 4:08
CD-8 Kaziklu Bey - The Lord Impaler 4:03
CD-9 Deme Quaden Thyrane 5:07
CD-10 Anno Domini 1476 2:12
Blood Of The Saints (Rotterdam 5th Of April 1998)
DVD-1 Of Hells Fire
DVD-2 Those Of The Unlight
DVD-3 Slay The Nazarene
DVD-4 The Black...
DVD-5 Still Fucking Dead
DVD-6 Sulphur Souls
DVD-7 Dreams Of Blood And Iron
DVD-8 Beyond The Grace Of God