MALIGN - Demo 1/95 LP

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Original Demo
A1 Blod Skall Flöda
A2 Extirpation Of The Feeble
A3 The Wanderer
A4 Covenant Of Black Souls
Alternative Versions
B1 Blod Skall Flöda
B2 Extirpation Of The Feeble
B3 The Wanderer
B4 Covenant Of Black Souls


Black vinyl limited to 300 copies. Includes a poster and a 24-page, A5-size booklet of band history and photos.

Side A recorded at Skärholmens Ungdomsgård during two days in December of 1995.
Side B consists of various recordings made between 1994 and 1996. Track B2 was recorded at Hjulsta youth center on a voice recorded in 1996. Track B3 was recorded at Prophanity's rehearsal space in Alginsås. Track B4 was recorded in a rehearsal room in Hjulsta youth center, possibly on a boombox.