LIKFERD - Watchtowers of Anticosmos Digi-CD

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1. Hymn of the Tower 01:48
2. Ancient Pagan Blasphemy 06:06
3. Watchtowers of Anticosmos 04:58
4. Flames Deep in the Night 05:42
5. Halls of Ice 05:18
6. Night Monument 06:44
7. Death to Odin 06:28
8. I Sing my Songs with the Wolves 05:12

...And they have returned from the halls of ice!
Mighty LIKFERD spreads blizzards with new opus "Watchtowers of Anticosmos". This is a journey through glacial darkness to the destruction of the worlds! By the highest spiritual flame we enlight path to our victory. Black Metal art is not just a music! It is a portal!
So, open it if you dare... and hear these majestic hymns of darkness.
This opus is for all of you who seek not only the music, but phylosophical paths! For those who are into old Black Metal traditionalism!
Beware! no modern pseudo music you ll find here!
Join us in this journey, and sing our songs with the wolves!
Thursian Black Magic!

released July 3, 2021