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by Asenath Mason.

Liber Thagirion is a small grimoire which was written especially for the 'Monographic Grimoire Series' by Aeon Sophia Press. This one is number 4 in the Grimoire Series. 

The 1st print of Liber Thagirion was originally published in 2013 in an edition of 333 copies, cloth bound hardcovers. And was sold out in a matter of months after its release.

We now make, by special request by the author and those who have expressed their interest in this specific grimoire (but unfortunately missed out getting a copy), a final third print, very limited batch available. 

LIBER THAGIRION includes rituals and meditations that will guide the reader through the mysteries of the Black Sun from the perspective of the Draconian Initiate and are designed for a solitary practitioner of Draconian self-initiatory magic. Among them you'll find invocations of Sorath, Belphegor, meditations with the Black Sun and rituals of the Adversary.

We HIGHLY recommend this impressive grimoire to seekers and devotees who are interested in- and wish to implement  magickal works of the Draconian & Qliphotic Paths.  

Table of Contents:
- The Sun of the Nightside
- The Gate of the Black Sun
- Ritual of the Adversary
- The Beast of Thagirion
- Invocation of Sorath
- Into the Underworld
- Invocation of Belphegor
- There Is No God Where I Am
- I Have Created Myself
- Bibliography

Edition specifications:
- 148 mm x 210 mm size
- Cloth bound hardcover
- 120 grams paper bookblock
- A soft-tone bone-white paper
- 74 pages tome
- 12 sigils and illustrations
- Black end-papers
- Gold foil sigil and lettering decorations stamped to the front cover