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Limited Edition of 1300 hand-numbered and consecrated copies.
13th Anniversary Edition.
Bound in black cloth embellished with a Gold Sigil of Qayin Coronatus Rex Mortis.
Full colour dust jacket depicting a new representation of Master Qayin.
Contains full-page illustrations and gold silk-ribbon bookmark.

This book of the Scythe-Bearer provides the fundamental theoretical, historical and mythical foundation for the Cult of the Left-Handed Reaper, and offers clear instruction for ritual practice connected to both the folk-magical tradition, as well as the more esoteric Qayinite Line of Traditional Witchcraft connected to the Cult of the Skeletal Lord of the Bloody Scythe. Written by the Magister of the Templum Falcis Cruentis, and illustrated with selected original artworks depicting the esoteric manifestations of the Lord of Death, Liber Falxifer presents an unique and powerful system of both low and high magic based upon a valid and proven synthesis of Folk-Magical Sorcery, Antinomian Qayinite Heresy, the Telestic Arts of Ensoulment and Fetishism, Qliphothic Qabalah, and Anti-Cosmic Gnosticism.

The grimoire is broken out into two parts, the first of which is a discussion of the relevant aspects of the exoteric Latin American Cult of the Lord of Death. Topics offer insight into the origins of the Cult and the different forms of the open and closed Cults of the Master, the various altar setups and their significance, the specific traditional offerings given to the Lord of Death, the empowered talismans and fetishes used within magical practice, the different methods of consecration, traditional spells and rituals for magical protection, revitalization and malediction, and a curse to bring death to one’s foes.