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The Fast Times and Short Life of Darby Crash and The Germs

by Brendan Mullen, Don Bolles & Adam Parfrey

296 pages.

LEXICON DEVIL, an oral history that probes the brains of over 100 characters, and contains 140 never-before-seen photos, goes beyond early punk rock into secret regions of suicide, mind control, suppressed sexuality, corrosive humor, self-abuse, and addictions to rock celebrity, drugs and cults. Thieves, surfers, skinheads, nymphettes, chickenhawks, skateboarders, Scientologists, boho artists, under-age sado-masochistic punk kids, and TV stars confront and hustle each other in a late ’70s L.A. history that reads like bowdlerized chapters of Hollywood Babylon that have finally come to light.

It took three improbable co-authors to put together this amazing book. Brendan Mullen founded the Masque, the urine-stained basement from which Los Angeles punk rock was created, (and with Mark Spitz) wrote We Got the Neutron Bomb, the ’70s Los Angeles rock history. Don Bolles played drums for The Germs, Vox Pop, 45 Grave and Celebrity Skin; when not homeless Bolles DJs horrifying children’s records at KXLU. Adam Parfrey is known for his apocalyptic sociology.