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LEXICON DEVIL: The Fast Times and Short Life of Darby Crash and The Germs
by Brendan Mullen, Don Bolles & Adam Parfrey

296 pages

"Lexicon Devil is, pure and simple, the finest volume on punk to have seen the light of print. (Yes, folks: that includes Please Kill Me.) Great book!"—Richard Meltzer

and this astute summary via another Goodreads contributor:
"So now I've read this from cover to cover. I stand by what I originally said, "a scarily in depth portrait of a rock musician who wanted to be a god (or the next beloved cult leader), who was really a drug abusing, sexually confused-fearful man child/bratty, obnoxious, idiotic moocher/nice, sweet guy who had an astonishing intellect and a voracious interest in books and philosophy-depending on who you talked to. What I learned anew was the tragedy of the scene-screwed up sex and drugs, runaway kids living by prostitution and suffering from pedophiles, who found a sort of escape from all of that, and sometimes family as well, in punk rock. There was an overall naivety/blissed out ignorance on the darker realities of the world they were in that astonished me. Although it seemed to be a really fantastical form of hope in life and creativity."