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'First Sub-level of Suicide' CD

1 Scenic Solitude And Leprosy 6:47
2 The Bitter Emblem Of Dissolve 7:11
3 He Whom Shadows Move Towards 7:47
4 Mine Molten Armor 9:25
5 Idiot Sun 5:05

Statement from the CD case:
"Recorded on a Tascam 424 analog cassette necrorecorder by Wrest in 2002"

Adapted from the Bandcamp page:
"First ever releasing of the full 40+ minute demo from U.S. black metal heavy weights, LEVIATHAN, that birthed the material to later become one of the (if not THE) most important US black metal albums of all time, Leviathan's 'The 10th Sublevel Of Suicide'. This 5 tracks / 40+ minute collection of previously unheard / unreleased (anywhere!) material is 100% unique to this release and was given to Ascension Monuments Media from Wrest's personal vaults directly.