Sold out.

48 pages. Of 666 copies. 

"In memory of Pelle Ohlin: this small booklet contains correspondence between the old nick, owner of an italian fanzine and distributor of music, and dead, who sold deathlike silence records to nick to be sold in italy. If it was only about business, then it maybe would not be worth printing these.

But dead actually elaborates on many issues close to him, including his near-death-experience when he was a kid. His thoughts on satanism, occultism and vampirism. He talks about cutting himself, about superstitious beliefs in transilvania and surrounding areas, something he obviously was very interested in. Now and then it really shines through that he was very unhappy.

And searching for something and feeling very confined in his present life. he also comments on the then present death metal scene. Which was fun to read. ;). These letters give a rare glimpse into the inner turmoil of dead. even if it is just a small booklet. It was even more interesting than i thought it would be."