LEGION - Blood on My Knife LP

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Housed in a pocket jacket with hotfoil printing and an OBI.

Blood On My Knife Demo 1994
A1 Legion (5)– War Against Christianity
A2 Legion (5)– The Forest Of Werewolfves
A3 Legion (5)– Blood On My Knife
A4 Legion (5)– Warriors Of Fullmoon
Blood On My Knife Rehearsal 1994
My Celtic Blood - Rehearsal 1994
B1 Darken (7)– War Against Christianity
B2 Darken (7)– The Forest Of Werewolves
B3 Darken (7)– Blood On My Knife
B4 Darken (7)– Warriors Of Fullmoon
Alternative Version / Wersja Alternatywna
B5 Legion (5)– War Against Christianity
B6 Legion (5)– The Forest Of Werewolves