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Birthed, And Then Dark
Breath Before The First Breath
‘Opala Man
The Cloth Was Damp
Man With The Water Gourd
Half Way Towards The Bottom End
There Is Nothing To Be Recognized Anymore
The Mouth Of My Way
Lauhala Is Not Yet Soft
Where Is The Water Of Kāne?

Very heavy board gatefold sleeve.

Tramping upon the wasted corpses of imperialist colonial scum, washing their blood from the leiomano warclubs by spume of ocean bless, stands proud the triumphant glory of Kūka'ilimoku, Snatcher of the Land and Puller of the Earth. Carving a campaign of audial rebellion since the age of 2019, this Hawiian entity of Pu'ukoholā Temple worship has unleashed incantation after incantation of the rawest stomping blackened punk metal, molten madness evoked with each barrage of unrelenting tempo. Here it would be upon the shorelines of slaughter, that the first true full-length debut incantation would be unchained, by none other than the iron volcanic tyranny of GoatowaRex sanguine supremacy, this artefact forged upon the raven black of darkest vinyl wax.

Pahu O Ka Ua is the stormcloud suffering of the tsunami deluge deities. The greatest to date of Kūka'ilimoku’s defiant library of grimoires, Pahu O Ka Ua is a fully realised incantation that relies upon infectious rhythm sections and blistering punk power chord devastation, preferring the direct approach of conflict to deliver its bloodstained declaration. Punctuated by sweltering tremolo melodics and mesmeric bassline passages, Pahu O Ka Ua always keeps acolytes hooked with its varied composition and endearing tribal tenacity—not one skull left unbroken as they fall deeper below the crimson waves.