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Maier, Michael

Ouroboros Press, 2010
First printing

First printing. A Serious Joke, that is, The Equitable Tribunal by which the Owl is pronounced Queen of Birds by the Phoenix acting as judge, after various disquisitions and complaints made by birds attacking her; and in which she is recognized as consecrated to Pallas Athena because of her serious widsom. This is the first English translation of his veritable conference of the birds; Jocus Severus. This alchemical text employs allegory in an entertaining dialogue between several species of birds who are determined to defame the Owl with wordy complaints. The Hawk acts as the Owl's defense while the Phoenix acts as final judge and arbiter over this 'conference of the birds.'. New cloth bound in dust jacket.

Translated by Dariys Klein; Frontis folding plate; 142 pages.