INNANA - Œuvres Complètes Tome I - XVI 2CD

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1-I Fratricide 12:29
1-II Mortal Genocide 5:27
1-III Slow Mortification 4:20
1-IV Strangulation 7:08
1-V Humanity Calls 8:09
1-VI Grip Thou Mental 4:29
1-VII Rest In Hell 9:25
1-VIII Seed (Give Peace A Chance) 6:32
2-IX Seek Through My Body 7:33
2-X Hedonic 6:45
2-XI Metal Ov Thee Ancient 4:05
2-XII Crawling 8:21
2-XIII Dying Lust 8:41
2-XIV Lost In Despair 12:29
2-XV Gory 4:14
2-XVI Inanna Cries 4:49

Originally released by Sound Source in MCMXCII.

A repress edition of 100 copies in a matte-laminated white 4-panel Digipak with an A3 poster.