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Veteran bastard sons of darkness arise, heed the call of the unclean, rape that which writhes in flesh of weak, and tongue of salvation; march legions to the war cries of the Impure, those envoys to Satan, and masters of hellfire. Bestial black scorn of the many horned one, warspells aligned to destroy all of the traitor sons blood of the lamb—barrage of blast beat, bleed of tremolo string, and snarl of defiance—all weapons to strike forth against the lands of the feeble saviour of mortal piety. Now, the toll of the black bell sounds from the infernal chambers below, and combined with the iron bestiary of GoatowaRex rite of sulphur, do these champions of insurrection come to acolytes through the war munition medium of carnal wax.

Satan’s Will be Done is exactly what it speaks to be from that which is etched upon its filth smeared stone. A proclamation of endless damnation, a fusillade of true bestial war sorcery, one made whole by those veterans of countless celestial skirmish, more than three decades of black crusades from those lands in the southern lands of the deep one. A thrashing cannonade of devilish merciless audial assault, Satan laughs, his legions of impure leaning and filth heart fulfilling those nightmares of a prince fallen from the heights of dawn—of a vengeance that must be paid, with crown, throne, and the heavens looming above.

Seek not here for those spells of nuance, beauty, mercy, or pity—you will find none to your taste, only the ashes upon your tongue, the pits of disgust in your heart. Here lies that which was made for those without mercy, with no need for words of peace, or of salvation. Impure bring to acolytes that which burns at the soul, claws at the skin, and hammers at the weak. Come sons and daughters of damnation, break thy bones upon the sacrificial altars of war, lament no longer, for Satan has given his daemonic will. A will that will be done, upheld by those Impure, and of deep southern alignment.