IFERNACH - Midnight Maleficia MLP

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Cold and evil Gaspesian Black Metal. All copies on black vinyl, Japanese style tip on jacket, with OBI and 12"x12" insert.


Standing strong for the First Nations and slaughtering all that stands in its path with mattock clenched between fists, strides forward the Quebecan black metal mania of Ifernach. Smote from steel in the age of 2015, Ifernach has carved a grand infamy during its existence and guided by the weald wizardry of Finian Patraic (Aufnorden, Gulguhk & Nox Morbum), Ifernach is set to continue this glorious crusade with its latest incantation, Midnight Maleficia. Elevating the bombastic style Ifernach is now infamous for, Finian Patraic has pulled out all the blades and bludgeons for Midnight Maleficia, wielding an augmented array of; infectious tremolo riffs, traditional metal influence, bolstering percussive force, pristine vocal shrieks, wind scorned atmospherics and a strong compositional configuration to further strike these points hardest.
Revelling in the mess, raising hell and destroying the rest, Ifernach has once again proven the weight and worth of his sorcery in worship to totem blood tantra—one that no acolyte, either old or new, should wish to be without.