The Fourth Morbid Knocking feat. Adorior, Mortem, Aghori, Necrosanct, Repugnant, Funebrarum, Eidomantum, Embalmed Souls, Reverend Bizarre, The Ruins Of Beverast, Bunkur, Saturnalia Temple, The Wounded Kings, Kathaaria, Vulcano, Crucifire, Demonic Rage, Portal, Vektor, Necros Christos, Unearthly Trance, The One, Mayhem, Fleshpress, Kaamos, Grave Miasma, Nirvana 2002, Nuclear Death, Ascension, Kill, Stench Of Decay, Mercyful Fate, Excoriate, Xibalbá, Dead Congregation etc.

If you know of Davthvs, then you can get a sense for what this horrible little beast feels like when you open it. Immense, committed, exhausting! 

"Horrible Eyes #4 is an epitome of dedication – devotion shown to both extreme metal and old school metal magazines. The magazine’s Xerox outlook is 100% authentic, and Horrible Eyes’ way to fill every square centimetre with pictures, phrases and details is just amazing. The content is also over-whelming, but sometimes these interviews are just (tight) scratches which just leave you to hunger for more. But that’s how it is when you have about million bands featured. The longer interrogations like Grave Miasma and The Ruins of Beverast steal the show here but also ‘less is more’ phrase is valid in Horrible Eyes’ case, especially when the big boss Ronald and his not-so-merry henchmen throw some clever wits and epiphanies into the boiling cauldron." Kaleidoscope Mag.