GLASBERG - Mär Cassette

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DEMOGOAT Glasberg (Aut) - Mär - Cassette

Looming from over the waning hills of twilight shadow, Glasberg emerges, armed in rusted armour of iron and weapon of curse—rotted leather straps barely containing the ghost force of lonely desolation catalysed within. This dungeoneering entity of ritual synth sorcery has only been present for a scant few seasons now, but already can these soundscapes be found in the minds of many acolytes; whom will be pleased to discover that the iron phantom worship of GoatowaRex has aligned itself with this most vaporous of creatures, bringing one its latest incantations to the mortal world—wandering melody and distant shrieks brought to acolytes on entropic cassette tape.

Mär is a journey fraught with perils of the spirit, Glasberg challenging those adventurers foolish enough to stalk its realm, to not lose themselves amongst the enigmatic host of entrancing melodies awaiting them. A recurring nightmare of an incantation; one with eerie synth execution, ambient gale prophecy, haunted ghost howls and a shambling spirit of awe inspiring atmosphere. All of this seeks to throw these acolytes on the hunt for discovery off balance; to run rings of low disarray around the altar of their minds, to trap their flesh until only mouldering bones remain.

Needless to say, Glasberg has created another monolithic experience of pure ambient desolation with Mär. Dripping with mystery, enchanted with dream and glamoured with an ethereal essence; no acolyte with a penchant for dungeoneering and ambient synth sorcery should be without this eerie incantation of potent woe. Those that find their way, drawn by the song of phantom armour, will surely enjoy their stay amongst those spectral mounds of unlife; perhaps so much, that they will never leave, become yet another ghost added to Glasberg’s drape of apparition.