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1st Edition
Georges Bataille
Key Concepts
Edited By Mark Hewson, Marcus Coelen

220 Pages

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Book Description
Georges Bataille (1897 - 1962) was a philosopher, writer, and literary critic whose work has had a significant impact across disciplines as diverse as philosophy, sociology, economics, art history and literary criticism, as well as influencing key figures in post-modernist and post-structuralist philosophy such as Jacques Derrida and Michel Foucault. In recent years, the number of works published on Georges Bataille, as well as the variety of contexts in which his work is invoked, has markedly increased.

In Georges Bataille: Key Concepts an international team of contributors provide an accessible introduction to and survey of Bataille's thought. The editors’ introduction provides an overview of Bataille’s work, while the chapters in the first section cover the social, political, artistic and philosophical contexts that shaped his thought. In the second part, each chapter engages with a key theme in Bataille’s philosophy, including: art, eroticism, evil, inner experience, heterology, religion, sacrifice, and sovereignty. The final chapter addresses Bataille’s literary writings.

Georges Bataille: Key Concepts is an invaluable guide for students from across the Humanities and Social Sciences, coming to Bataille’s work for the first time.

Contributors: Giulia Agostini, Elisabeth Arnould-Bloomfield, Tiina Arppe, Marcus Coelen, Simonetta Falasca-Zamponi, Patrick ffrench, Marina Galletti, Nadine Hartmann, Mark Hewson, Andrew Hussey, Stuart Kendall, Claire Nioche, Gerhard Poppenberg, and Michèle Richman.

Table of Contents
Introduction Mark Hewson and Marcus Coelen
Part 1: Contexts
1. Surrealism Marina Galletti
2. Sociology and Ethnography Simonetta Falasca-Zamponi
3. Fascism and the Politics of the 1930s in France Andrew Hussey
4. Nietzsche Giulia Agostini
Part 2: Key Concepts
5. Expenditure Stuart Kendall
6. Heterology Marcus Coelen
7. Sacrifice Elisabeth Arnould-Bloomfield
8. Inner Experience Gerhard Poppenberg 9. Sovereignty Claire Nioche
10. Eroticism Nadine Hartmann
11. Art Michèle Richman
12. Religion Mark Hewson
13. Evil Tiina Arppe
14. Bataille’s Literary Writings Patrick ffrench.


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