ECHOES FROM THE PRIMAL GRIMOIRE: Kenneth Grant, H.P. Lovecraft and ...

Magickal Reality in the Universe. 

by Richard Ward.

New York: Von Zos, 2016. Limited to 400 copies only. Gilt titles; head and tail bands; A FINE HARDCOVER VOLUME in dust jacket. This new work by Richard Ward presents an examination of H.P. Lovecraft's place in the Typhonian Current by tracing Kenneth Grant's interest in the Lovecraft mythos, and his use of its current in Typhonian teaching and ritual. The work also suggests a possible explanation for possible origin of the Lovecraft mythos via quantum mechanics, and investigates the role of quantum mechanics in making a magical reality possible. Foreword by Michael Staley. Color frontispiece by Allison Sommers. 120 pages. Octavo.