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Bottom seam split, very minor cover wear, but the vinyl is NM. 
Awesome cover and textured sleeve.

Bizarre record that states: "Informational messages from the U.S. Customs Service U.S. Treasure Department"

A1 Commissioner Of Customs 1:00
A2 Commissioner Of Customs 0:30
A3 Greg Morris 0:20
A4 William Conrad 1:00
A5 Robert Fuller 0:30
A6 Christopher George 0:30
A7 Linda Daye George 0:10
A8 John Gavin 1:00
A9 Martin Milner 1:00
A10 Elaina Vedugo 1:00
B1 Commissioner Of Customs 1:00
B2 Commissioner Of Customs 0:30
B3 Commissioner Of Customs 0:30
B4 Christopher George 1:00
B5 Elaina Vedugo 0:30
B6 William Conrad 0:30
B7 Jack Webb & David Janssen 0:30
B8 John Gavin 0:10
B9 Martin Milner 0:30
B10 Ricardo Montalban (Spanish) 1:00
B11 Ricardo Montalban (Spanish) 0:30
The Department Of The Treasury Bureau Of Customs

Informational Messages from U.S Customs Service and U.S. Treasury Department