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The Sinister Tarot A Musickal Working, Instruments Modern and Voice

with 12 page A5 booklet.

The sinister tarot is a variant of the “standard” tarot.
It is described fully in the Order of Nine Angles’ key guide
to practical Satanism, NAOS.
Each track is an interpretation in sound of a specific card
(from the major arcana only for the purposes of this "album").

The musick herein can seen as well as heard, being a
spontaneous manifestation expressed through the
magickal meditations of each element, associative and
dissociative, linear or otherwise.
The musick, like that of the individualized tarot cards of
the sinister deck, being self-divined, self-made, self-sourced
to a largely personal degree, still has immense relevance for others
as it further informs and enriches the egregore of the Septenary path
that is ONA.

With visualizations in sound of:
Col Cruachan, the hill of the wizard (1. The Magickian)
Forest tides (4. Lord of the Earth)
Inversely twisting oak gibbet (12. The Hanged Man)
The geryne of Satan (8. Change)
Sisters of the starry mere (10. Wyrd)
Ere the dancers depart (19. The Sun)
A Deverills man at the Bladud’s Head (20. The Aeon)
The glade of flowery broken skulls (3. Mistress of Earth)
Bestride a corpse with my face (14. Hel)
A curious long barrow view, one of many (0. The Fool)
Dawn’s flow (17.The Star)

Those in Europe are encouraged to obtain this from The Sinister Flame.