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By Shawn Frix

Hardback with silver corner ornaments and altar cloth. Limited to 55 copies.

After the highest acclaimed grimoire series NECROMANTEIA I and II, Shawn Frix comes with a very interesting book, revealing the praxis and gnosis, the rituals and mysteries of the Chinese tradition and the cult of Necromancy.

Daoist Necromancy is a small study into the traditions and practices related to the practice of Ghosts, Demons, and related practices. Daoists have a rich tradition of magical practices related to spirits of the dead and magic in general. Daoist Necromancy is a small part of a whole tradition and this is a user guide of just the practices related to dealing with and summoning spirits of the dead. My goal with this book is to bring useful tools to practicing necromancers and to shed light on this rich tradition.


Daoist Terminology vs Western Terminology
Yin and Yang
The Yin Side of Life
Daoist Underworld
The Judges of the Land of the Dead
The Nature of the Daoist Soul
The Creation of a Gui
Daoist Funeral Rituals
Entering the Coffin Ritual
The Wake
The Path of the Dead
Hungry Gui
Ghouls in Daoism
Daoist Corpse Magic
The Corpse Walkers of China
Talisman to Make the Dead Walk
Daoist Ritual to Obtain a Working Spirit
Daoist Star Stepping Ritual for Summoning a Gui
Daoist Talismans
Talisman to See the Dead
Daoist Talisman to Obtain A Working Spirit
Raising a Spirit Talisman ritual
Talismans to Summon Gui
Daoist Demonology
Yao Dao
Nuqing Guihi
Taishang Dongyuan Shenzhou Jing
Fei Zhangfang
Ghost and Demons in Daoism
Talisman to Command and Control Demons
The Path of the Daoistic Necromancy