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:An Introduction with a Selection of Texts

by Humberto Maggi 

Hardback, 376 pages.

This first volume in a collection devoted to the subject of the "daimon/dæmon" provides a comprehensive and detailed description of the intermediary spirits in the Western Tradition. Being a fundamental part of Magic, these spirits have important ramifications on the religions and philosophies from Late Antiquity through the present. Tracking the origins and developments of the concept of intermediary spirits under the terms "daimon/dæmon", from Homer to Augustine and beyond, reveals a very rich fountain of knowledge with direct importance to the comprehension of the worldview shared by magical practitioners from every age and culture. DÆMONOLOGY: AN INTRODUCTION WITH A SELECTION OF TEXTS addresses the diverse uses of the concept of the intermediary spirit in the history and practice of Magic, and its correlates in other cultures.