120 Days of Sodom

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by The Marquis D. A. F. de Sade

Penguin Classics edition.

The most extreme book in the history of literature. In an atrocity bible that permanently curses, scars and negates history, The Marquis de Sade narrates the escalating sex-crimes of four libertines who barricade themselves in a remote castle for a four-month orgy in a masterpiece of pornographic black humor. Features: the first systematic psychopathology of human sexual disorder written over the course of 37 nights in the Bastille in 1785, on a roll of paper Lost for over a century, it re-emerged in 1904 inspiration for innumerable artists, criminals, and postmodern theorists The only English translation to date, published in 1966, features archaic language and terminology, with the text a literal copy of the original manuscript. This new translation presents the book in a more complete state, with minimal editing and restructuring, a 21st Century version for the adventurous reader.