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W1 of 47 titles obtained from a collection of Occult, Musick and Art books. All have been attended to with great care and affection. 

Essentially new. With A3 binder including 6 prints (5 plus one appearing to be a complete image of all 5)


Magnum Opus Hermetic Sourceworks Series
This series of limited edition hand-bound books by Adam McLean were initially produced between 1979 and 1986.

This series, currently amounting to fifty titles, was begun in 1979 and continues today. It is without doubt the most significant alchemical/hermetic publishing venture in our age. It has published English editions of many of the key works of alchemical symbolism. The editor, Adam McLean, has an especial interest in symbolic and allegorical material and this is reflected in the works he has chosen to edit or have translated into English. The books are published in small editions signed and numbered. Some of these, especially the pre-2000 publications, are now out of print and this means that they have become collectors items fetching high prices on the secondary market. The material is of the highest quality. From 2000 McLean decided to publish these in a totally scholarly way, without any contextualising commentary, letting the works and the original authors speak for themselves.

Limited edition of 100 signed and numbered hardbound copies. 45 illustrations. A5. 78 pages.

No. 49. (2014) Teletes is an 18th century emblematic table by Touzay Duchanteau.
Main text translated by Paul Ferguson

The Teletes was originally published in 1778 (a decade before the French Revolution) by a bookseller in Brussels as five large engravings. Some of these survive in the form of large rolls on which the five engravings have been glued. There was a 19th century reproduction of the chart printed at Turin 1866 by Giuseppe Wopaletsky with some variations from the original, and this was later reproduced by Arche of Milan in 1976.
In the book I have extracted and analysed each image from the Teletes chart, and provided in an A3 portfolio somewhat reduced size reproductions of its five engravings as well as a reproduction of the Calendarium naturale magicum. I have chosen not to elaborate and describe the material from the Calendarium, as this is covered in my 1979 edition, but instead to look in detail at the additional imagery and their sources. Duchanteau incorporated imagery from the works of Fludd and von Welling among others.