CELTIC FROST Spawn of Pazuzu - The Early Years DLP

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On pale blue opaque vinyl.

A1 Messiah
A2 Visions Of Mortality
A3 Procreation Of The Wicked
A4 Morbid Tales
A5 Dethroned Emperor
B1 Return To The Eve
B2 Into The Crypts Of Rays
B3 Nocturnal Fear
B4 Morbid Tales
B5 Procreation Of The Wicked
C1 Return To The Eve (Take One)
C2 Messiah
C3 Return To The Eve (Take Two)
C4 Visions Of Mortality
C5 Into The Crypts Of Rays
D1 Dethroned Emperor
D2 Jam Session
D3 Into The Crypts Of Rays
D4 Circle Of The Tyrants
Double LP pressed in blue vinyl. Single sleeve.

Track 1: Rehearsal June ‘84
Tracks 2-8: Rehearsal July ‘84
Tracks 9-16: Rehearsal July ‘84 (Yet another session)
Tracks 17-19: Rehearsal August 17th 1985

“This has been a black leather hounds production, made in Singapore. Mastered for vinyl by the hidden ninjas in the dark, at Green Meadows Studios. Hailz to the underground maniacs, those who kept the faith when even its own creator walked away. You can’t stop what you started. Hail Pazuzu. Were you poser enough to count the huhs? Frost is much more.”