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'Fucking Mess' LP

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"Armageddon Shop is proud to announce the long-awaited reissue of the Brainbombs first album "Burning Hell".
Originally released in 1992 on the Blackjack label. After many years out of print in the USA, it has been freshly re-cut for this vinyl release by Carl Saff at Saff Mastering (Fu Manchu, Elder, The Residents, Pallbearer). Ltd to 600 copies on black vinyl with download.

9 tracks of abrasive noise rock that will drill into your skull. Abrasive music that surges with hypnotic Stooges riffs that have been laced with acid and drenched in the sweat of physical fear and danger. Mutated and disorienting songs with lyrics that deliver first person accounts of the most disturbing and darkest events that are part of the human experience... Murder, sex, drugs, blood, and violence.

Warning: Explicit lyrical content. Recommended that you listen keeping in mind, this should be viewed lyrically like a serial killer or true crime film/narrative."

Sample here:

1 It's A Burning Hell
2 Danny Was A Streetwhore
3 Sadist Action
4 Pleasures And Dreams
5 After Acid
6 Wishing A Slow Death
7 Tired And Bloody
8 Do What's Right
9 Urge To Kill