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'Lucifer Rising' folder digi-CD

Pre-order. Release date: June 21st.

Mastered by Bob Ferbrache.
Cover art by Doping-Pong.

Originally pressed on LP in 1980 and then presented in an elaborate presentation as a 4-LP boxset (and 4-CD boxset which is still available) with the original release and session recordings related to the original soundtrack sessions, we hereby present an affordable, remastered presentation of the legendary/notorious Lucifer Rising soundtrack that was originally composed for Kenneth Anger’s film of the same name.

                “When I composed and recorded the soundtrack for a reconceptualized Lucifer Rising a decade after the first abandoned attempt I drew on my own life experiences to tell the story in music evocative of the mythical Lucifer awakening in his pit of despair, rekindling his torch, and rising like a phoenix from the ashes of his own unmaking to begin his long journey from the dark recesses of the underworld — shedding his pride along the way in his uncompromising desire to regain the Beloved.”