4 panel glossy full colour digipak with clear tray limited 300.
The third in the series of early Allerseelen soundworks re-issues, this time it is dedicated to Greenland shaman Autdaruta and it has a very Northern mystical feel inside. The extensive use of loops Gerhard made with natural instruments such as kettledrums, violins and the others, have created some great ritual industrial album which reminds more of earliest Hybryds or Zoviet France works than the nowadays Allerseelen music, but still the unique and distinctive artistic nature of Gerhard is easily recognisable. A small masterpiece from the early 90-es, not to be missed!
“Years ago, I read in the book Shamanic Voices: A Survey of Visionary Narratives by Joan Halifax about a shaman in Greenland named Autdaruta. I was fascinated not only by his name but also by the magic and tragedy of his fate: He seems to have murdered several people in his youth. Later on he became aware of his magical and mystical powers and became a famous shaman, visionary and story teller to his tribe. Many years later, he for some reason decided to become a Christian. His spirits warned him not to convert. They told him that they would leave him forever. But he did not listen to them. After his baptism he suddenly realized that his magical and visionary powers had gone. Even his name Autdaruta had disappeared: He was given the Danish name Christian Poulsen. Knud Rasmussen got to know him on one of his Thule expeditions to Greenland. Autdaruta was one of his guides as he was familiar with the many fjords and the strong currents in the region. Knud Rasmussen spent a lot of time with him and wrote down many of his narrations for his book The People of the Polar North.” (Gerhard Hallstatt 2004)