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'Terra Incognita' digi-CD

4 panel glossy full colour digipak with 16 page booklet with photos and german/english texts.

The latest all-new studio album of ALLERSEELEN released in 2015. The distinctive Gerhard’s Krautpop has been recorded as usual with a help of his comrades, this time they are John Haughm (Agalloch), Jörg B (Der Blutharsch, Amestigon, Graumahd), Daniel P. (Arnica) and Alexander Wieser (Hrefnesholt) as well as Robert Taylor (Changes) who did the vocals on one of the songs. Combining folk, industrial and even some metal elements this contradictory music of the album is catchy and driving, but at the same time melodic, beautiful and melancholic. And profound beneath which is the epigraph reminds of: "All art is at one surface and symbol. Those who go beneath the surface do so at their peril." (Oscar Wilde: Dorian Grey)
„Before the recordings of this release, I did not know how the final result would sound like. So also the songs on this CD have been for a long time Terra Incognita for me. All the past Allerseelen releases have been concept albums, and Terra Incognita is a concept album too. The title  refers to an unknown territory which is a metaphor for many different realms: Are we able to know something about the future, are we able to know something about death, about life and love, about someone else, what do we know actually about ourselves? So Terra Incognita deals basically much more with questions than with answers. And of course the invisible world of music is a Terra Incognita too. I am not really certain if artists or musicians are able to give answers. They are maybe just able to ask questions. We do not know the future, but also what we seem to know about the present time and the past, is also at least partly illusion, it may appear as a mosaic where always some pieces will be missing. There is nothing like omniscience, all knowledge is always limited -  whenever a researcher thinks to have found an answer, at the very moment this answer creates new questions. One of my favourite writers, E M Cioran, wrote in one of his books that he prefers not to know too much about himself. He was afraid that by knowing too much about himself, this knowledge might put an end to his creativity. There are thousands of questions, thus life never may become boring. Life remains thus an eternal spiritual adventure, an eternal quest. Those who are not interested in the terrae incognitae surrounding us, and inside us too, basically are already dead – but without knowing anything about death.“ (Gerhard Hallstatt interview in Haus Zur Letzten Latern, 2015)