'The Arachnid's Trance' CD

1     Consecration Ritual     3:34
2     Spirits Of The Four Winds     4:09
3     The Aqueous Ground     18:01
4     Ishtar's Descent     18:00
5     šeĝ     1:11
6     Vermis Mysteriis     2:16
7     Evoke The Unclean     2:34
8     The Mountains Of Akrabu     3:28
9     The Serpent's Stare (Wisdom)     2:14
10     The Dreamer Hath Risen     14:28

"The Magickal Cult of Akrabu returns to the Genre, this time offering Old Gems from their Creation that never manifested before in Malkuth. Unreleased Shamanic Rituals from 1997 & the Long Sold out Demo Tape of 1995 “Kakos Drakoniis” for the First time in Cd Edition. The Terms Occult and Rituals have lost meaning in the trends of today's Scene but here you can journey deep in the Ancient Halls of Magick and Transformation by Rites HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for Meditation and Sexual Ritual working purposes. Shamanistic and Eastern Vibrations shall Tear your Ego apart and delve your Inner Self in EXALTATION AND ECSTASY. All recordings completed with Physical ritual Sounds and instruments! A tool for Individuals that search behind the skin of Matter and Unite Art with Magick."