PYREFICATIVM - Ærchaiontic Incantations Digi-CD

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1. Anthynomiæ 09:34
2. Noxious Arteresis 08:50
3. The Fire of Lunar Kalas 04:28
4. Saddhama Teloc 08:30
5. Polar Vitrification of A`khnorah 08:09
6. Solar Phallus 06:26
7. Consummation of Äramos 06:16
8. Orgiastic Feast of Glorification 09:07

Ærchaiontic Incantations After nearly five years since the departure of Ast Zho El, a new crowned opus "Ærchaiontic Incantations" will solemnly and intricately portray a much more complex second vision towards the womb of eight infernal clavicles, recreating a grotesque allegory of residual energy catalyzed by the totemic force and physical ritualizations towards what we will describe as "Die kunst der abstrakten muziek or The art of musical abstraction" with this complex but powerful scepter we have declared a new space of rotten sonority, empirically speaking we will cross over atavistic oceans of different elemental magical faculties, as well as sounds captured by the semi-trance and the suggestion of vinaural sounds.

released July 3, 2021