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1. Blood for Bazagrah 09:24
2. Aion curse caster 06:32
3. The Rävåsen-Fibbetorp axis 10:22
4. The anthropophagus link (spit on him in the fire) 10:06
5. Psychedelic warfare in green 10:13
6. Ectoplasmic charge 04:20

The Pionneer of Experimental/Electronic Genre is back with a new Release of Mind -Blowing compositions corrupted the Ethos of the Mortal Nature and release the Therion's Greatness through Art and Provocation.
Katadesmos is an album based upon recordings gathered over almost 20 years and is a massive experience, filled with Nordvargr´s trademark dark ambient soundscapes and deep esoteric themes as well as some vocal works reminiscent of his latest albums "Metempsychosis" and "Daath."