ARKHAETH - Profound Lore of the Ashen Specters Digi-CD

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1. Prophet Of The Deep, Primal Essence Of Beneath 08:57
2. Womb Of The Heathen, Spawn Of The Scourge 04:53
3. My Fight 06:55
4. The Path Of The Scholar 06:37
5. Spear Of The Crooked, Bane Of The Marked Ones 04:52
6. Tyrannical Manifesto 04:46
7. The Eternal Chant Of The Soulless Man 07:27

Kzanhagr and Kunstdood on 2014 down the name of Mørknatt and reborn on 2021 as Arkhaeth. Members of Beyond Death’s Throne, Necroracle, Cauldron, Cvltist and other related projects. An Album comprised of seven tracks on a total of 44 minutes of powerful wrath and pure melancholic essence. "Profound Lore Of The Ashen Specters" was inspired in the Luciferian ethos and leaning intellectual and spiritual left hand path doctrines. Serving as the lore written in old forgotten ashen scriptures that lead to ilumination of the self and enacting as a roadmap into the fierce path to attain the final knowledge of the overman.