CONFLAGRATION - Death,Ambient Death Cult"(Carrion of Human Suffering) Digi-CD

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1. Being and Time - A Portrait of a Sociopath 21:48
2. Penetration of the Womb (Demonic Mindfuck) 19:09
3. A Hymn to Dajjal 19:05

The beginning perils of a chapter in our Sinisterly-Numinous saga, 'Death Ambient, Death Cult (Carrion of Human Suffering)', composed entirely by Necuratul in 2019. This chapter involves itself in the invocation of death manifesting in a physical form; The Wanderer. The Wanderer is our saga's avatar as a representation of endless ideas and forms. This harrowing and ominous release carries themes of death invocations and vengeful curses being delivered to its intended targets, as a means to tear and eviscerate the flesh into the spirit itself, hence, becoming carrion. A death ambient form that permanently remains in your spirit and your mind, influencing your very physical movement. Also, the material herein, paints a portrait of sincere self-honesty and reflection in its most revealing essence. It does what it is intended to force the subject or individual to confront the Magian Distortion in an esoteric manner. Interpret our work as you will, but this is the beginning stage of our movement, our saga to be told in the most vicious and sincere aspect.