QUEST MASTER - The Twelve Castles LP

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A1 Mountain Fortress Of Brimstone Valley
A2 Night Garden Labyrinth Of Bloomvale Castle
A3 The Deep Citadel Of The Earthen Basin
A4 The Secluded Manor Of The Fernhollow Woodlands
A5 Forsaken Bellmire Swamp Spire
A6 Grand Harps Of Hearthmill High Tower
B1 The Vast Expanses Of The Midland Stronghold
B2 Twisting Hallways Of The Dancer's Palace
B3 The Engulfing Ember Moat Of The Skeletal Throne
B4 King's Ward Of Supreme Nobility
B5 The Gravelord's Catacomb Capitol
B6 Incorporeal Keep Of The Clouds

Limited to 200 copies. Pressed on 180g vinyl. Includes a professionally printed, double-sided, 12x12" insert and an OBI.

Released in 2020.